Friday, 13 April 2012

"Third Eye of Nirmal Baba tilt towards Media questioning"

Since 1952, Nirmal singh Narula had faced very tough time and realized the power of Prayer and blessings.
I think all the spiritual mentors who exist in the different pockets of India have one thing common, the desire to match there actions with the Divine & no matter what they do or preach are always questioned irrespective of the truth and lies attached to there au-ration. It is not wrong to say that great energies are always blocked, attacked , demoralized and left alone. The sacrifice made by the warriors of god are always blamed on there ulterior motives for power , money and Popularity

The sole purpose of spiritual mentor according to my knowledge, understanding and awareness is to show you the path of austerity & sacrifice which satisfy your hunger for the divine and make you free from the materialistic shackles happily. The gaze in there eyes has a power to transform your soul in something peaceful and you give up everything to choose that path of ultimate success.

On the contrary, there are the energies in the society which use the faith of god to commercialize themselves. I have come across few in my small time period who claimed themselves as the shadow of god and are not hesitant at all to fool people with there effective marketing skills, Strong tricks of duping people, Solid Public relation with the powerful machinery , Very powerful way of advertising themselves & above all they always count there followers who according to me choose them on the basis of profit earned and are more or less like a souls with no wisdom and consciousness.
I strongly condemn such population of this country who follow such energies blindly on the name of god. Empty souls attracting empty souls and becoming a mob!!

Being a management student myself i want to do the SWOT analysis of Nirmal baba. Let us try to understand the strength , Weakness , Opportunity & threats attached to his name.

STRENGTH : 1: His absolute trust in God ( He claims to have himself got connected with the holy angels when he lost his sisters in a accident )
2: His strong urge to do social service by bringing light into peoples life ( He claims to be a medium )

WEAKNESS 1: He has no concrete spiritual powers to back up his claims  ( Lets not forget that he is no magician)
2: He just sound like an old man sitting in the village of Haryana passing on his blessing to people ( He says that if his blessing will match with your actions: The result will come out with a mind blowing effect in ones life )

OPPORTUNITY: 1: One can become the part of his movement to get the taste of his blessings ( There are so many devotees flashed by media who claimed so )
2: One can become the part of that intellectual class of this country which questions every rituals practised and cant digest anything foolishly ( Bhagat singh died saying this thing but people never applied and practised his thought process so nothing new in this one )

THREAT: 1: He has power to inspire the masses to follow his wild way of following god with no discipline and justification ( He advise everyone with his weird way of spiritual practices )
2: He might be charged as fraud cos of his innocent or cruel gestures ( I am no one to judge anyone but i am saying it cos this person has no answers for the questioned directed toward him by the Intelligent Indian Media )

CONCLUSION FROM MY SIMPLE AND TRUE HEART: He is just a true man ( Conditions applied) who had commercialized his spiritual practice and faith by earning 240 Crore's of Indian currency & Wont be able to answer any rational questions directed toward him ( I am saying it due to his hesitant voice in his interview on AaJ Tak channel ). According to me he is plain and simple man of God who couldn't handle the prosperity and gifts given by god and shared it with everyone on media channels and came in controversy. He will invite more troubles in the future if he will keep on questioning the spiritual mentors of other religions ( Sufi Sant Mahatma's existing in this country ) & Let me take the freedom to tell you all that not all of them are fake cos they unlike him are powerful enough to answer such simple questions related to third eye. Nirmal baba must not pass his comments like a learned man on them by saying ," No meditation can show you the path of god whereas only his promises are true and only he is the medium who can dial his no directly to god no matter how busy the god is dealing with the hard problems created by human beings for themselves  " - Just cos of such comments he have started sounding like an idiot to me". - I have no interest to know his spiritual practices cos i am happy with mine.
It seems that He is shooting arrows in the dark. Let the divine give him solace and wisdom to keep his spiritual practice to himself and give strength to his body & wisdom to his mental process so that he can travel his journey with zeal, Peace and happiness.
God Bless him ........ Amen! 

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