Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Keep on Moving, There will surely be another day

motion as through my eyes
ordered at times, at times jumbled.
waiting to capture the perfect stance,
perhaps my wait extends to eternity.

i come across scences,motions, stills, ideas
wait around them at once.
observe, notify, detail, avail
all that i can at one go.
i am moved, inspired, dejected
enthralled; all at one go.

to decide: to stay or to move ahead;
i take no time, i move.
for had i not left behind
the feat i had achieved,
i would not have had standards
to expect of the moment that awaits me.
call me a fool that i moved on
call me wise that i didnt stay
thhis is what i learn
live life, move, there's another day. . :)

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