Thursday, 12 April 2012

I love Clouds

lying in a pool,i look aboveat the gathering mass, the clouds.i see them organise, form, dissipateinto patterns of all kinds and shapes.often letting light flow inat times casting shadowmoving continuously, their speed variestheir texture varies too. giving me a sense of belonging.i see myself as a cloud as i floatover this world, buoyant,just as i do here, under the sky,above the water; blue remains the same.floating through dimensionsspace covered, space cleared.all happening, yet so smooth. clouds teaching me; harmonyat its best; gentle to the core,soothing in approach,pacifying in their actions,i am once again brought backto my earthy remains,my body in the pooland i slowly walk outto the call of the tasks my life binds me tokeeping alive the weightlessnessof the cloud, buoyancy of waterand mass of my own self.

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